What Our Fantastic Clients Say

Tasha Johnson


"I had numerous micro-blading procedures completed, that did not take well with my oily skin or my daily regiment. Which was so frustrating. The powder brow cover-up enhanced and brought an amazing look to what I feared of missing. As I am not a make-up person. I am so happy. I’m simple- brows, lashes and lip gross - hair done and go."



Natasha McCain

"It’s always a relaxing time for me and my self care. However, to have someone ask all the right questions, go through the forms, ensure that I look right and take the time to perfect my brows is refreshing. Out all the consultations I was only asked once about my hair color and whether I dye my hair at all. Most just want to put on a dark eyebrow and not take into consideration that the customer may change hair color, may tan easily, or if I go out in the sun at all. I’m thoroughly impressed and satisfied!"

Stephanie Meadows


"she was absolutely amazing, very patient when I wasn’t sure what I wanted and detail Oriented! She did exactly what I wanted and left a huge smile on my face especially when I wake up the next morning and my eyebrows are perfectly intact without having to apply any liner! I would strongly recommend her services to anyone!!!"